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so not in kansas anymore.

31 Aug

or the U.S.

There is throbbing techno music coming from the room next to mine, reminding me that I’m far from home.

oh, France.  Bonne nuit.


I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…

30 Aug


Actually, that is a little bit misleading– I’ve already left on my jet plane!

I’m currently sitting in a lovely little “auberge de jeunesse” & exhausted to the nth degree.  It took me many hours and several legs of my journey to get here…I wont say “it was worth it!” yet since I’m still friendless in a foreign country, although I will say that I adore the architecture of the region and that I like how it feels like a real city.  I say that because there aren’t touristy vendors anywhere and I feel like very few tourists come here.  Loves it!

Anyway, I was dying to blog (I do realize how nerdy that sounds) pretty much the entire last 24 hours but couldn’t.  There wasn’t any wireless and too much to have to do and pay attention to.

I’m sure I’ve already forgotten a bunch of interesting stuff due to over-stimulation, but here are some highlights/interesting aspects of my journey that I do remember:

1.  I made a friend!  Her name is Michelle and she is studying in Lyon, FR.  We met at the gate and talked for probably an hour and a half (if not two!) before we boarded the plane.  After we found our bags, went through customs and all that, we stuck together to get to the TGV train station.  This proved rather difficult for the first time, so I was glad I had a partner, but actually it was fairly easy in retrospect.  Just confusing.  The French freakin love their acronyms.  Just sayin.  If you try to get from CDG Airport to the CDG TGV Station, you will see what I mean.  Anyway meeting Michelle was definitely a highlight.  We exchanged info and all that so we can stay in touch :)

2.  Thank God I had an aisle seat, because I was in row 35 out of 41 (I wanted to upgrade with my frequent flier miles but however DU paid for it, prevented this from happening), but it was probably the smallest airplane seat I’ve ever been in and that includes those mini regional planes that totally suck.  Ok, that was a little bit exaggerated, but literally, my knees were flush against the seat in front of me.  Equally sucky, was the fact that I was sitting next to an incredibly chatty older Chinese woman.  She actually was very pleasant, but she talked a lot- she even told me how she was menopausal, TMI- and when I told her I was going to sleep she, like, wouldn’t let me && the worst part was that her freakin pillow was IN my seat.  She was basically leaning on me for the entire flight.  These things seriously always happen to me.  Whyyyyyy?

3.  I have discovered that the French people I have been in contact with are almost entirely pleasant.  I think the reason they are misunderstood is because they either stick to themselves and do not acknowledge your presence or they are super helpful.  There was only one person I’ve encountered so far who

black&white_luggagewasn’t very nice, but he was far from mean.  And I’ve met many really friendly people.  I probably could have managed getting my luggage (two massive 50lb bags plus a big purse and backpack = awkward) into the train, but this man, a father of a nearby baby, started helping me.  I was completely appreciative.  Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that the French get a bad wrap.  Give them a chance.

4. I arrived at the hostel via taxi from the train station and after checking in, I went to my room, made my bed, took of my shoes and fell asleep.  I think I was out for three or four hours but it was blessed sleep.  I know that you aren’t supposed to nap when you travel internationally so your body will adjust to local time, but fuck that.  This was the equivalent of a sleep-emergency.  A sleemergency.

5.  My temporary hostel roommate (we’re in bunk beds, presh!) came in while I was sleeping and it was hella awkward because when I woke up we just didn’t talk.  Idk if she is French or European or where she is from but I hate functioning in a super mini space that I have to share with someone who doesn’t talk.  Hmm, maybe I’ll squeeze a word out of her yet.  I’ll keep you updated!

Update:  ok, I got her to talk!  She is from Scotland and is pretty nice.  I’ll let you know how this progresses lol

I’ve gotta go scrounge for some dinner, peace.

(sorry this post was so long!)


Traveling in Style

28 Aug


slash not.  By the time we arrived in Virginia last night, I was the most unpresentable I’ve probably ever been.  My mom was impressed that I didn’t even need a bobby pin to hold back my bangs anymore, because they were staying back on their own lol.

It was a pretty neat trip though because now I can say I’ve been to three states that I’d never been to before! Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania!  Although I’ve gotta say- Ohio and Indiana: get off your high “east coast” horses and just admit already that you are part of the midwest!  Like, seriously, you don’t need to be an hour ahead of Illinois & the rest of us.  Also, your agriculture looks exactly the same as the rest of the midwest!

Side Note: Pennsylvania is legitmately not a midwestern state.  The trees were so different and seriously they are the cutest things ever!  My mom had to be sick of me commenting on them by the time we made it into Maryland.  They look like some great being-mythical or not- like a giant, a wizard, or even God, took his pointer finger and thumb and pulled the trees upwards from the ground.  Seriously.  Go to Pennsylvania and tell me the trees don’t look like that.

Anyway, I digress.

I’m happy to be here, finally (remember how I said we were going to leave Tuesday?  Well because of that physical that I had to get we didn’t leave until Wednesday afternoon lol), even if it is just for a day.  We broke our trip up into two days and stayed in Rockford, IL for a night with my cousin.  The rest of the fam was on vacation at Lake of the Woods in Canada except for Miriam (who stayed home to work on projects for her fashion label) and Anna (who had to work).  Sadly we didn’t get to see Anna due to an unfortuneate series of events.  The first of which was a cocktail party (i think) for work that she had to attend, the second was a car accident :(  Total bummer.  At least she is fine though.  And although it sucked that we only got time with one family member, it was totally lovely overall.

&&& I got to meet their new(ish) puppy named Charley.  Cuteeee.  He is a chocolate lab and by now he is past the true puppy stage.  He is more in the gangly adolescent phase now. Presh! although a little naughty at times.  He did pee on my foot. lol. But it was sooo much fun to watch him and GiGi play.  They were vicious!  The teeth totally came out, but it was all in good fun.

Alrighty, well I have much to do before tomorrow’s departure (!) and so I must bid you all adieu.


p.s. scary thing- my computer logged me out of wordpress because I hadn’t been on in so long!! I promise to be better in the future!

p.s.s. I’m still working on the invisible header thing.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

p.s.s.s.  It rained almost the entire two day trip! I couldn’t believe it.  And now, it just started raining like nuts in Alexandria, VA!  What’s the delio, weatherman?

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