A comment on denim.

2 Aug

So.  How do you feel about denim?  Or denim on denim?

I love jeans as much as the next American girl (my absolute favorites are Joe’s Jeans Provocateur fit), but there are some ways that jeans should just not be worn.

I know the 80s & 90s are coming back with full force, but please! We must do everything in our power to prevent the heinous trend of “over-deniming” from resurfacing.

I know this picture was taken in 2001, but it was pretty close to the 90s and exemplifies all that is terrible with pop music and celebrity couples…but most of all it is a trend that went way to far:


Do you remember thinking you looked totally cute on your way to a high school football game wearing your favorite jeans, a t-shirt and your jean jacket?  I do.

This must be stopped at all costs: denim-trend-london-2009

Also, I know she has been doing this for a while now, but what is with Katie Holmes’ obsession with men’s jeans?  I read Perez’s opinion on it once and it was something about how she must love to wear Tom’s jeans LOL. But really, is this going to become fashionable soon too?!


I hope not.

Happy Sunday shopping, loves.  Make good choices.



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