The Beauty of Being a Blank Slate VS. Permanent Ink

2 Aug


Tattoos.  I think I’ve wanted one since pretty much I can remember.  I know what I want too…I know that it would make me happy but I just haven’t been able to do it.  I worry too much what people think.  Like my mom, my sister, and other family and friends of the family that are older.  It’s hard because the opinion on tattoos has shifted so much within the last 15 years or so, but there is still a huge disparity between the older generations’ opinions and the younger generations’ view on them.

There is a kind of beauty to being a blank slate, especially since it is becoming increasingly rare, but the lure of the needle is just as alluring.

Pros: I would have something meaningful on me forever.  When I need to be reminded of something I can just look down and there it is.

Cons: If I ever have kids, what would they think?  Should I even care about that? What will it look like when I’m old? Also, should I even care about that?

It doesn’t help that I’ve been watching L.A. Ink lately…that show makes me want to get full sleeves :P

I feel very conflicted about this and would love to hear what you ppl think…



2 Responses to “The Beauty of Being a Blank Slate VS. Permanent Ink”

  1. anb22 August 2, 2009 at 2:54 pm #

    I feel that you must do want you love. If having a tattoo is something you truly would love than go for it. You say what you would get has meaning so your reasoning isn’t just to get one because it is the “cool” thing to do. You have wanted one pretty much your whole life!

    I do think that age has something to do with people opposing tattoos, I also feel that it was the way people were brought up or what they were exposed to in their life. My parents are in their mid-upper 40’s and both have 3 tattoos each (and my dad wants another one) so I never had the feeling that tattoos were a bad thing or had to impression that tattoos were bad. Though they are still considered in a younger generation, I would still consider them to be fairly older.

    I think that placement and size are some of the main reasons that people feel strongly against tattoos. Younger people have tattoos in very visible places and that content of their tattoos are not what some consider appropriate( examples: naked women, skulls, or even the devil for some people). Some have entire sleeves, like you have mentioned. Many people wouldn’t even know if others have a tattoo of not unless they were almost naked because their tattoos are covered up. When I got my (small) tattoo, I decided to get it on my foot so I had the choice of being able to have it shown or not.

    The ultimate decision is up to you. YOU are the one you would be getting one for, YOU are the one who will see it everyday, YOU are the one who’s opinion matters most. good luck with your choice!

  2. jenniferautumn August 3, 2009 at 12:41 am #

    Hm. You know I have been for it forever, but now I’m not so sure. Let me explain. Your reason for not getting it is that you’re concerned what other people will think. I think it is self expression, and if you are that concerned what OTHER people think about what you do to you OWN body, then maybe you are not ready yet. Until it’s something that you’re comfortable with as something you did for yourself and are absolutely happy with no matter what other people think, I don’t think you should. Just think of it this way, imagine what your reaction will be when someone says something terrible about it (will in all likelihood will happen no matter what you get bc some ppl are just dicks). If you would be upset enough to wish you didn’t have it, then there’s a big problem.
    My opinion is that it’s an entirely personal thing. I think, maybe, two people and the artist knew I even had one on my ribs until this summer and I’ve never felt a need to explain what it is or why bc I got it for me and that’s it.
    If you decide you’d be happy with it no matter what, then definitely get it bc I think your idea is really special :)

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