Personal Assistant for Hire. JK. But really.

5 Aug

7 days from now my mom and sister will arrive to help me move out of Denver

8 days from now is the final for my summer school class “From Literature to Film”

9 days from now is the last of of my internship at the Denver Art Museum (tear)

11 days from now I’ll arrive in Iowa (just in time for the state fair, woo!)

12 days from now I’ll deposit my sister in her new apartment in Minnesota

14 days from now I have an eye doctor appointment

15 days from now I have a dentist appointment

19 days from now I’ll start the drive from IA to VA with my mom

24 days from now I fly to France (OMG it’s less than a month.)

–luckily my visa arrived last Thursday, but I still have so much to do! I need to make an International SOS profile & notify the state dept that I will be going abroad in addition to so many other things…such as:

Canceling magazine subscriptions, suspending Netflix, take laptop to the Apple store for a once-over to make sure everything is working properly, drop stuff off at Goodwill, go through emails from my five accounts (meh), send lots of emails, figure out my United password retrieval, add frontier miles, Write J. Pap, update blog (but that’s always fun), translate birth certificate into French, figure out how to transfer $$ into a French bank account, and make sure I all the forms I need stating proof of immunizations and all that.

Help! I need a personal assistant to get me through this.

oh! not to mention, selling my couches and bed. awesome (fml)!


2 Responses to “Personal Assistant for Hire. JK. But really.”

  1. jenniferautumn August 5, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Ooh i forgot about SOS and the State Department stuff. Thanks for the reminder lol. I feel like there’s so many things I’m forgetting, I’ve never been out of the country for so long…

  2. annhyphencharlotte August 5, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    I know! The longest I’ve been out of the country is a just about a month… I think the SOS thing is especially good for uploading documents to their secure server so if something happens to you or you lose something, they have a copy.

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