Erm. Hey there.

19 Aug


Dear (insert your name here)

I know it has been a terribly long week without me around, updating you on my life (i kid, i kid), but I haven’t had a moment of respite since I’ve been home! Probably due to the fact that I am constantly arriving in one place and then leaving and then I arrive another place and then I leave again.  My family is a busy one.

Anyway, here are adventures you can look forward to hearing about within the next day or two:

  • Weekend Update: Law School, Moving into an Apt, Sofitel, Bennetts, Road Trips, GiGi time
  • Daily Dish: Haircut, Invalids, Eye doctor, rainstorm
  • Mama’s foot
  • Friendyfriends
  • chacha
  • How I feel about True Blood/bloody tears
  • BLTs
  • Pre-Departure anxiety
  • packing methods
  • luggage

Sounds really fascinating, huh? lol I hope I’m back soon, for my sake, if not yours.

Make the most of your Wednesday night!



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