Bienvenue à Rennes II

2 Sep


I know its been a long time.  Again.  But I have a really good excuse.  lol.  I really do.

Ok, so Monday morning Francois picked me up at the hostel, and brought me to the dorm.  Then he gave me a tour around the campus.  Apparently, I didn’t get the memo that the official arrival date changed (still confused about that one) and so I arrived several days, basically a week, early.  I’m still not sure when I was supposed to arrive, but oh well, I’m here.

Anyways, the past few days- really Monday & Tuesday- were hard, not going to lie.  Its really difficult to be in a foreign country, not know a soul (almost no one is in the dorms because I moved in early), and have no internet or phone.  I’m unpacked now and I found a nearby supermarket that I can buy necessities at (NOTE: Do not buy things like deodorant at one of the many pharmacies, it will cost €10 and make you smell like a man, I already made that mistake).

Today was a lot better because I got a phone card and called home.  I also took the metro downtown to explore and bought a French cell phone.  That was exciting :D  And the man who helped me buy it was really nice & helpful too.  Now when I meet people I will be able to contact them in the future! haha

I also found the most adorable stationary shop during my exploration today.  I can’t believe I did it, but as I was paying I put my bag from l’Orange (the cell phone store) down and left without it!!  I was soo lucky because I came back five minutes later and he had it behind the counter.  Lucky me!

Anyway, all is well over here, even if it was a little bumpy in the beginning.



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