I’m still laughing

3 Sep


Ok so the funniest thing just happened to me.

I was sitting in my room, facebook chatting with my friend Emily who is studying abroad in Jordan.  We didn’t get a chance to say a final goodbye to each other via phone before we both left the states so it was really nice to finally get a chance to talk to her!

Anyway, I’m sitting on my bed, typing away, when I hear a knock on my door.  This was the first time someone has knocked on my door since I’ve been here and I forgot how nice that noise sounds!  So I got up quickly and opened the door and probably the most attractive French man I have ever seen was standing there.  Like seriously, hella freakin hot.  In a seksi euro suit.

The best part is, he wanted to sell me books.

Yes, books. lol.  I know.  And I live on the third floor of a dorm.  I was so distracted because I wanted to go back to my computer, but also mesmerized by his beautiful good looks that we weren’t communicating very well.  It actually took him a surprising long time to realize that I wasn’t French and then from there he just assumed I was English.  Anyway, I finally made it clear that I had no idea how his book card thing would help me and he realized that he couldn’t explain it to me sufficiently and he left after much laughter on both parts.

Innnnneresting, huh?


p.s. its sprinkling again


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