The New Basterds. Emphasis on the E.

6 Sep


We went to Tarantino’s new film (well, remake) tonight.  Inglourious Basterds.  The theater we went to happened to have French subtitles (shock! Not dubbed!), but we didn’t relax for two and a half hours (in luxury- it was a beautiful independent cinema).  The film is told in three languages: French, German and English.  The French parts obviously didn’t have subtitles, so that took some focus.  But surprisingly harder to understand, were the scenes in German.  There were French subtitles for the German parts but the aggressive acting of the crazed Nazi officials would distract me away from focusing on reading the sous-titres. haha.

I really enjoyed it- I would recommend it to anyone (who can handle watching people being scalped a little gore).

I have a meeting with my coordinator, Francois, tomorrow morning at 8:30; so I better go to bed.

Bonne nuit.



One Response to “The New Basterds. Emphasis on the E.”

  1. jenniferautumn September 8, 2009 at 12:51 am #

    Ugh you’re so lucky to have American films, even if they’re in German with French subtitles! I understand pretty much nothing here. I bought a giant bottle of Sprite because it’s become comfort food since it’s the only thing that actually tastes like it does in America

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