Tea for two

16 Sep


Ok, well not really lol.  I haven’t been completely brainwashed by the English & Irish, yet.  I still prefer coffee over tea ;)  Anyway I went to Barbara’s room today for a good dose of coffee and gossip & in the process had my first cup of instant coffee.

Verdict = Pleasantly Surprised

So much so, that I went out to my neighborhood Carrefour and bought my very own electric kettle!  It has already proved its usefulness, as my kitchen’s two hotplates were being monopolized when my stomach decided it was time for dinner.  Thus I made soup!  How exciting, lol.  The soup itself isn’t that great (its a vegetable powder-based soup) but making it was exhilarating.

That alone proves how exhausting this first week of class has been lol.  It doesn’t help that we seem to go out every night.  It appears that even though I don’t have class until 19:00 (7pm) tomorrow, we are staying in tonight.  Which is actually kind of nice.  It will give me a chance to catch up on some things.



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