Today is a Big Day.

17 Sep

I even made a playlist for it.


I only have one class today and it is from 19-20hr (7-8pm), soooo that means I can attack all the other things I’ve been needing to do but have been too preoccupied with life to accomplish.

1. Starting the process of getting a Carte de Séjour (fml, this one isn’t going to be fun).

2. Going to the CROUS office downtown and requesting a room change, Doctor’s note and all (even less fun than #1).

3. Purchasing the “under 25” card (or is it under 26? I can never remember lol) to get discounts on travel.

4. Shoppingggg.  It sounds frivolous, but it is well needed.  I’m hoping to get a blanket that doesn’t look like dog bedding from 1973.

Wish me luck!



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