All the Rrrrage!

21 Sep

Check out these pants, they are all the rage here.  I’ve been calling them puffy pants/balloon pants, but I guess they’re probably technically called “harem pants” or “drop crotch pants.”  And before you make a snide comment, yes, they are similar to MC Hammer’s pants, however I’ve noticed that they tend to be much more fitted at the knee (& calf) and are much cuter.  I doubt they will ever catch on in the U.S. but I’m def looking forward to sporting them while I’m here lolz.  Ahh, I love France!




One Response to “All the Rrrrage!”

  1. jenniferautumn September 24, 2009 at 11:02 pm #

    I think these go under the category of: things only the French can pull off, but we all wish we could. I want a pair!
    Also, I swear I am reading every post you write, but it takes sooo long for the internet to load that it’s hard to comment. Just so you know, you have at least one dedicated but internet-restricted follower :-*

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