Happy Monday

28 Sep

Lowlight of the day:


I paid 3.50 euro for a Perrier at a café this afternoon.  And I wonder why I have no money.

Highlight of the day:


I was walking to my dorm after class to drop off my books before I met up with Martin & Barbara at the JFK metro stop to go downtown.  The route I often take cuts between two parking lots via a short pedestrian path.  It curves a little and as I started up the path, I heard a sort of metallic noise up ahead.  I was in a good mood, and when I looked up I saw an elderly man with a cane slowly walking in my direction.  I said hello to him and he responded with the same greeting and we went on our separate ways.

About 10 minutes later, I left my dorm and started walking towards JFK.  As I began to walk on the sidewalk through the parking lots, I heard the same metallic noise from the man’s cane that I had heard earlier; I looked up to see him coming towards me again.  He smiled and said what basically translates to “we meet again!”  He was so sweet, all I could do was smile.



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