The White Night

2 Oct


film_heartsoooooo tomorrow is La Nuit Blanche in Paris and lucky me, I’m going!  Its when all the museums and monuments are open all night long.  Although the location changes annually, this year it is based in three different arrondissements of Paris and there are concerts and artsy things all over.  I’m hella psyched.  Although a little nervous that I wont get many photos.  I forgot a converter when I packed to come over and so I can’t charge my camera until I get one.  My mom is sending one but stuff takes so long to get across that freakin ocean lol.  So if I don’t get many photos that is the reason.  I’d love to take the 35mm but its heavy and I don’t fancy carrying it 30+ hours so I think I’ll stick to my teeny digital.

The six of us are leaving early tomorrow on the TGV and will arrive late morning.  It was only 1 extra Euro to travel there in 1st class, so we will be arriving in Paris in luxury, although, somewhat appropriately, we will be returning to Rennes Sunday afternoon, bedraggled, in 2nd class haha.  The reason for our future bedraggled state is that we do not plan to get a hostel.  We’ll be braving the next 30ish hours sans sleep.


A few in our group haven’t been to Paris before so we want to do some touristy stuff like go to the top of Eiffel Tower.  I think a trip to Galeries Lafayette has also been planned.  We have a GL in Rennes but apparently it’s nothing compared to the one in Paris. yesssssss. Oooh! and we’re also planning an excursion to Père Lachaise Cemetery, which is where a bunch of famous people, like Jim Morrison and hundreds, if not thousands, of great artists, poets, lovers, musicians and cultural icons have been buried.  In addition to these riveting plans, I’m also hoping to meet up with a few friends from Denver that are also in France.  Jackie is studying in Paris and Rachel is a teaching assistant in eastern France (I think)– it will be nice to see some familiar faces :)

The festivities start at 7pm and end at 7am Sunday.  I think there may even be a free breakfast! Mmm. Getting pumped. But i need to pack my bag now. yikes! wish me luckkkk.



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