last night

9 Oct


#1.  In France, I’ve stopped bringing ID out with me at night.  I probably should, but I haven’t really needed it yet.  Well, that is, until last night.  We decided to go to a “bar de nuit” after the other bars closed.  We approached the massive bouncer and Barbara showed him her ID and I immediately started rattling off my information in tipsy french because I didn’t have mine:

Je n’ai pas une carte d’identité…ehmm…Je viens des Etats-Unis…ehm..J’ai vingt ans…ehm…je suis étudiante d’échange…

and by that time he just let me go by.  I wonder how many of me he sees each night…haha yay France!

#2.  The Lily Allen song “Fuck You” is really big over here.  The best part is that they don’t bleep any of the ‘fucks’ out (my friend Fiona said she saw an adorable little boy at the carrefour walking up and down the aisles singing it lol).  So, needless to say it is our drunken theme song.  haha on that note…all I’ve got to say is

Fuck you, fuck you very, very much

‘Cause we hate what you do

And we hate you whole crew

So please don’t stay in touch

Go out and enjoy your weekend!!



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