Room Switch

12 Oct

hey girl heyyyy!


I opened my inbox & was surprised with fabulous news!  I’m going to be moving from my current dorm “Maine 1” to “Alsace” on November 1st.  I had pretty much given up all hope of switching rooms, but my man François worked his magic and is making it happen.  I didn’t blog too much about my room because it was depressing enough to have to live here, let alone have everyone pity me for my wretched living situation, i.e. no toilet seats + ’60s timewarp.  Also, I’m allergic to mold -which is currently infesting my room- and so I’m getting to move into the remodeled dorms :D  Oh, and on top of all that, I keep getting mysterious bites every few weeks.  Hmm…


Needless to say, I am thrilled to be getting out of here for a place that has tables in its kitchens.  Although I am nervous to have to pack up…I feel like I’ve accumulated quite a bit in the past month or so.

Hope your week is starting off as marvelously as mine is!



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