I’m Back, Bitch

23 Oct

i’ve neglected you lately. i know. Does i’m sorry work in this situation? Hmm…


Well, needless to say, things have been crazy here lately.  LOTS of birthdays and enough juicy drama to last a year, let alone a few weeks.  Enough to make me fall behind in reading for my classes and to make my room a literal war zone.  I have a broken mirror, uncooked pasta in my bed and somehow i’ve lost my one and only spoon.  I’ve been subsisting off of dried soup packets and drinking them out of my bowl.  I actually had soup for breakfast this morning.  lol.


Anyway, it’s been a blast- if you can’t tell.

& although I’ve been absent lately there are a million things that i keep thinking i need to blog about.  I actually have a “blog” section of my to-do list.  How dorky am I?  That’s a rhetorical question, btw.  lol Basically, absence has made my heart grow even fonder for my dear readers :)



I’m back bitch.  So make sure ur RSS feed is working. haha.



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