Culture Shock Has Worn Off

24 Oct


So, I realized, about twenty minutes ago, that I am no longer a stranger to France.  Culture shock has officially worn off.  This dawned on me when I was walking home from my friend’s apartment and I had to walk around a car that was parked on the sidewalk, yet thought nothing of it.  Apparently this is common practice in France.

Anywayyyyy.  I woke up late this morning.  I meant to get up at 10 to meet the girls for breakfast but I accidentally went to bed at 4:30am last night (this morning?).  How did that happen accidentally, you ask?  Well, I had a cup of coffee last night while I was writing letters, and before I knew it, and 6 long-ish letters later, it was 4am.  That is the first time I’ve ever noticed an effect from drinking caffeine! It was so strange.  Anyway, I didn’t make it out of bed until noon, which I think is pretty reasonable, considering.  lol.


So after I got up, I went to Maire’s for French Toast and then the boys came over afterwards to plan our vacation days.  Needless to say, little was decided upon, except that we should have planned this stuff wayyyyy in advance.  Oh well.  We’ll know better for next time.

After a quick shower, I’m meeting up with Maire, Barbara & Derek for dinner at a “proper Chinese restaurant” called Le Wok.  I can’t wait to see what it’s like!  Then maybe we’ll see a movie (I think The Boat that Rocked looks really good) or go out afterwards, depending on our moods.

Make the most of your Saturday night!



One Response to “Culture Shock Has Worn Off”

  1. jenniferautumn October 29, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

    Real Chinese food, eh? All I can tell you is if it’s anything like what we have in the states, it’s probably nothing you would find in China… Unless they serve scorpions on sticks…

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