Today is a Sad Day

15 Nov



Reason #1.

The “S” key fell off my keyboard, leaving me to use a funny plastic nipple looking thing.





Reason #2.

I most certainly sprained my ankle (for the first time ever!) last night.  Its not blue so I’m thinking thats a good thing, but it is pretty puffy, which definitely isn’t a good thing.  I’m going to get it checked out tomorrow and in the mean time I’m trying to keep it elevated but I can’t ice it because I don’t have a freezer!!  What horrible luck.  It didn’t even happen in an interesting way- I just stepped wrong going down some steps and landed on my ankle instead of my foot.  Wish me luck.




One Response to “Today is a Sad Day”


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    […] like the little things are never going right for me.  Remember my tonsil infection and severely sprained ankle? Right. Well add eye infection and fluid in ears to that list. Yep. I went to my doctor for a […]

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