19 Jan

(get it?! “catch up”…”ketchup”…haha, at least Alicia Wengert would appreciate it :) It could be worse, though. I could be making French puns. I’ll refrain. On a sidenote though, French ketchup isn’t quite the same as American ketchup…even the Heinz isn’t the same.)

So once again, my room has become a disaster zone.  To be honest, I don’t know how it happens, and I wish it wouldn’t.  I’m one of those people who really loves and appreciates cleanliness but isn’t so great at creating or maintaining it.  For example, I have been known to make my roommate/s sit on my bed and talk to me while reading a Cosmo to keep me company while I take hours to fix my mess. No lie.

Anyway, when I returned to Rennes after I said bon voyage to my family after xmas break, the light above my sink went out.  It stayed that way until yesterday (despite the daily angst I had without a light) because I wanted my room to be clean when the repair man came to fix it.  Unfortunately, my room was clean the day I made the request, a Saturday I think, and two days later it became somehow worse than before, just in time for the repairman’s visit.

Somehow he changed that lightbulb in like 15 seconds though because he was in and out within 20 seconds flat.  I was impressed.

I’m thinking I’ll take a photo- or better yet, maybe even a video- of the horrendous mess I have created for myself.  Check back soon lol in the meantime, bisous!




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    […] I have been incredibly productive. I posted a few days ago about how I had let my room become ridiculously messy- unorganized and filthy. […]

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