I’m A Sick Kitten

10 Feb

Girl’s sick. Again. Whats with this France?! Get ur shiz together and put me on the healthy train!!

I have an infection in my tonsils. How the eff does that happen?! haha This morning I went to the SIMPPs (the health center at Rennes II) straight away and was the first person there…waiting until they unlocked the doors lol.  The nurse then told me that I needed to go to the doctor TODAY, which I did the earliest she was available, which was at 10:20 and by 10:40 I had left “la pharmacie” with some serious drugs.  Here is my regimen:

2 pills of Josacine, twice a day, for six days

1 or 2 pills of Paracétamol three times a day as needed, but not to exceed 6 pills daily

1 grande cuillère (one big spoonful) of Alfa-Amylase three times a day

Awesome. Who even knows what these meds are…but hopefully they do their job :) I keep comforting myself with the knowledge that at least I’m on the path to recovery…(I sound like a drug addict in rehab lol)

Wish me luck!!



2 Responses to “I’m A Sick Kitten”

  1. martiwade February 22, 2010 at 11:40 pm #

    hope the combination of French drugs and sunny Spain are making you feel better…<3 mama


  1. my summer so far. « yo cupcake. - August 10, 2010

    […] a health note, it seems like the little things are never going right for me.  Remember my tonsil infection and severely sprained ankle? Right. Well add eye infection and fluid in ears to that list. Yep. I […]

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