friendy friends

17 Feb

Today was a pretty bleak day until around 16:30

I woke up early for an 8:15 class that I hadn’t been to yet due to some scheduling issues with my “emplois du temps” and I got there with only moments to spare because I went into a partial coma last night.  But I opened the door and no one else was in the room…so I trekked over to the hallway where the all classes and their information about them are “afficher” or listed.  And whoop dee doo, the room had been changed.  At this point the class was already 1/2 over so I didn’t bother going in late…

Next was a Literature “TD” that was two painful hours long and required me to take 4 words that the professor wrote on the board and do something- I never figured out what- with them…it didn’t help that I didn’t even know what any of the words meant…

After that I had some emergency schedule shuffling and then went home to send like 80 emails and then took a mini 15 minute nap before meeting up with my French friend Hélène for a coffee.

This is when things started turning around for me :D

Hélène and I had been meaning to get together for ages to practice our respective languages of study, and we finally made plans to meet this afternoon and had a really great chat in French.  Next week we’re going to speak in English so she can work on her conversation skillz as well. Today was the first time I’ve seen her in quite a while and it completely made my day when she said that my French had improved a lot since the last time we had spoken :)

It was really refreshing to finally sit down and speak French for a few hours.  I’m sort of ashamed to say that I hadn’t done that before today, but it has felt hard to make connections with French people. Anyway, today was a big step in the right direction.

Oh yeah & Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!! Hopefully 2011 will be the year that I celebrate it properly- beads, feathers and all- although tonight was fun. I had pancakes at Maire’s [yummy!] and then a bunch of us went to O’Connell’s pub to watch a football match (i.e. soccer), which is always an interesting experience for any American.

I’ve got class at 9:15 in the morning so off to bed I go!

xxo bisous


One Response to “friendy friends”

  1. myriamax February 17, 2010 at 10:05 pm #

    Mardi Gras in Rennes Rocks
    you can feel it here


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