Happy Paddy’s Day!

17 Mar

#1. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, yayy! But I don’t have any green…

#2. I’m sorry if I haven’t texted you back…I have 3 unread text messages (since February!) that my phone won’t let me read.

#3. I’ve run out of bowls and now I’m resorting to eating my cereal out of tupperware containers of all shapes and sizes.

#4. I gave myself a cold :( I thought anti-histamines would help my ears pop (from flying with the sniffles a few weeks ago). They didn’t. Now I have a pile of used kleenex by my bed. Awesome.

#5. As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I’m genuinely upset about Freddy (on Skins) getting killed. Wtf?!

#6. Live in Austin 2010 is free for download at Urban Outfitters.

#7. I can’t stop watching RiRi’s Rude Boy video…it’s so good!! M.I.A.-esque, but me likey :D

#8. I went to an adorable concert last night. Some friends of friends performed covers and  we all sang along. Don’t Stop Believin’ and Hey Jude, included.

#9. I’m thinking about getting these glasses…what do you think?

Lurve to you, my internet readership <3



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