Summer Update

11 Jul

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I guess my transition back to the US hasn’t been as smooth as I’d like you to think. Being home has been nice but not always relaxed and this past month hasn’t exactly been eventful. I still think about my life in France and I miss all the friends I made. It’s something that I don’t know how to snap out of…

Working at the shop has been nice because the second language of the inventory is French (not Spanish! lol) so I still get to see familiar words daily. But little things have been hard. Like seeing friends is a rarity and learning how to share a bathroom sink again has been a struggle.  And even just finding my place in my family, which seems like it shouldn’t be hard but so far it has eluded me.

But there have been some positives too I suppose. Now I make my bed every day and I actually feel good about it… and I’m never on Facebook anymore… like ever.

The eternal happiness-seeker that I am craves more though and so I’m trying to make the best of all the changes.

I want to spend more time doing things I love. I feel like this is my eternal goal.  But I think it’s probably a pretty good goal to have.  There’s a new sculpture garden in downtown Des Moines that is full of contemporary art sculptures that were donated by the Pappajohn Family and so I think taking a walk around there- 35mm slung around my neck- is my next adventure.

I’ll try to post more regularly, but don’t miss me too much if I’m slightly remiss ;)



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