Debbie Fleming Caffery

27 Jan

On Tuesday we watched a dvd on Debbie Fleming Caffery.  She shoots in black and white and explained how her style has changed over time.  Throughout her photography career she has photographed the harvest of sugar cane fields, her family, her friend Polly, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and her experiences in Mexico in brothels and with circuses.  One of the people interviewed in the film pointed out that she keeps the integrity of her subjects, no matter who they may be.  Many photographers hunt for subjects and then once they get the shot, they forget the subject.  She approached her photography of post-Katrina through a curiosity about the interiors of the wrecked buildings.  She knew that she would be welcome in the churches so she started there.  Many of her photographs have a strong presence of faith in them and despite the sense of loss that is evident in those photographs, there is also more hope than disaster.  I thought it was interesting how she repeatedly said that she views the world in black and white because that is the film that she shoots.


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