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One Day dissection.

29 Aug

Saturday night I went to the film One Day with a couple friends.  It’s the new Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess film, which is based on the book with the same name (you may have seen my post from the other day with the Chelsea Lately interview of Anne Hathaway when she was promoting this film). By the preview, I could tell that I was going to cry. I could tell that it’s the kind of film that makes your fingers tingle because your heart hurts so much that the hurt spreads to the rest of your body. And I was right. It was really great and sad and I’m glad I watched it, but there were a few things that I wish had been done differently.

For starters, as you probably already know, the film follows a pair of best friends over the course of twenty years. The day they met held particular significance and the film marks every July 15th. This made the film, the beginning in particular, move by almost too quickly. Sometimes, when the two characters had grown apart, three or four years would go by in a succession without allowing the viewer to know what has happened in either of the characters lives.  This made it hard to feel a real connection with them.  By the end of the film, this obviously wasn’t a problem, but it did make it difficult to become invested in the characters in the beginning. The chronology also jumped around a little bit and made it semi-difficult to follow the order of events at certain points. I don’t know how the book is written, but I feel like this format would work better in literature than in a film.


Even though there were flaws, I really liked the story and Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess each had phenomenal performances. I want to read the book. Cue the waterworks.


Cheers (drink to that)

27 Aug

So, I’ve been obsessed with this song since Rihanna’s album Loud dropped, way back in November. It was actually the theme song of winter quarter for Seals and I. And now, it’s finally playing on the radio and everyone is talking about “Rihanna’s new song” that really isn’t very new at all. But whatever, I’m not going to get all hipster on you because I liked it first. I am going to hook you up with the video though:

I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly disappointed. I liked it overall, and I thought it was well done, but I was hoping for something a little more badass, like Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness video. I fucking love that song and the video matches the song’s greatness (it was my Spring quarter obsession). Rihanna’s video just seemed a little weak for such a great song.

I still love you though RiRi.

What do you think?


Cultural Event #1

23 Jan

Disclaimer: The following is an assignment for my Photography Portfolio class, do not feel obligated to read it.


January 18th my Portfolio Photography class with Roddy MacInnes went on a field trip to the Denver Art Museum and then afterwards we continued the field trip and went to the Camera Obscura Gallery across the street.

At the DAM, we went directly to a photography exhibit featuring the photos of Robert Benjamin, an acquaintance of Roddy’s.   The show is called “Robert Benjamin: Notes from a Quiet Life.”  His photographs focus on light, color and reflections.  They often have meditative qualities but they lack movement.  His photographs are obviously very personal— every one features a member or two of his family, particularly his wife.  I could appreciate his obvious technical skill and I liked a few of his photographs— particularly the one of his son with the horses and the one that shows his children playing in the sprinkler— however his overall subject matter didn’t appeal to me.

After we left the DAM, we trekked across the street to the Camera Obscura Gallery— the oldest photography gallery in the world!  We met the owner, Hal and after a brief introduction, we were given free-reign of the gallery.  There had been a juried competition and so we got to see all the winners and honorable mentions.   The Gallery was divided up into different sections based on subject matter.  “People” were upstairs, experimental and landscapes downstairs, etc.  I really enjoyed the time we spent in the gallery.  The sad news is that apparently it is out of funds and will have to shut down fairly soon.  Sad day.

On the whole, our fieldtrip downtown was successful.  I was exposed to a new artist at the Denver Art Museum and even a whole new gallery. I hope to make it back to the Camera Obscura Gallery before it closes it’s doors for good.

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