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gone but not forgotten

25 Apr

So I’ve been gone for awhile. Im sorry I didn’t give you a heads up before I left, but since last Saturday I’ve been in London. I literally just got back (after 8 hours on a bus, 4 hours in the train station and 3 hours on a train) and I have to start preparing for my exams this week.  I promise I wont forget to update you though, because there is much to tell :D


Happy Belated Easter

6 Apr

I hope everyone had an awesome easter break! I went to Caen to visit my friend Alyse for the long weekend since Easter Monday is a vacation day in France. More later, I’m off to class!!


Singlehandedly Keeping ID Photobooths in Business

9 Sep

In France, it appears that for every single form you fill out, no matter what it is for, it must have a photograph attached.  Its really odd.  Here is my Korrigo application (the monthly public transportation pass).  I’ve had to get six more ID photos taken since I’ve been in France.  I’m thinking about keeping a tally and adding it all up at the end of the year.P9040020Like my new scissors?  I had to get them to cut the photos.


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