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Cheers (drink to that)

27 Aug

So, I’ve been obsessed with this song since Rihanna’s album Loud dropped, way back in November. It was actually the theme song of winter quarter for Seals and I. And now, it’s finally playing on the radio and everyone is talking about “Rihanna’s new song” that really isn’t very new at all. But whatever, I’m not going to get all hipster on you because I liked it first. I am going to hook you up with the video though:

I’m not gonna lie, I was slightly disappointed. I liked it overall, and I thought it was well done, but I was hoping for something a little more badass, like Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness video. I fucking love that song and the video matches the song’s greatness (it was my Spring quarter obsession). Rihanna’s video just seemed a little weak for such a great song.

I still love you though RiRi.

What do you think?


I wrote a book.

18 May

I wrote a book. Actually, I made a photo book.  Very little writing went into it (unless you count writing with light. hahaha photography joke).  Check it out and let me know what you think!

Sample the Preview!


is it over yet?

10 Mar

I have not slept for 28 hours and now I’m in the art building scanning images to my external hard drive.  I am officially going crazy.  One more paper and finals will be over and I can sleep again. Yay <3.


Heres some stuff I’ve been shooting lately.  All the following images are from my Holga.  I’ll add some new and old photobooth shots later (they’re always fun) and I’ll put up the polaroid transfers I’ve been working on once I perfect my timing.


et voilà:













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