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beret love²

12 Oct

Photo 346

Do you remember my intense urge for those H&M berets?  I posted about it three or four weeks ago.  Well, I finally succumbed to their adorableness and got one!  I’ve lived here more than a month & so in my book that means I’m no longer a tourist.  I freakin’ live here now & I’ll wear whatever I want! lol


beret love

16 Sep


There are berets on sale at HM in France for about 5 or 6 euro and they are soo hella cute. I seriously want this red one, but i just can’t bring myself to buy it.  I swear it makes me look like Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde.


ahhh.  wantttt.  The problem arises in the fact that if I wear it here, I will be a walking and talking stereotypical cliché of France.  And so I musn’t.  But I’ll be wearing one in my dreams tonight :P


Seriously!  They’re so damn adorable.

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