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17 Feb

Today was a pretty bleak day until around 16:30

I woke up early for an 8:15 class that I hadn’t been to yet due to some scheduling issues with my “emplois du temps” and I got there with only moments to spare because I went into a partial coma last night.  But I opened the door and no one else was in the room…so I trekked over to the hallway where the all classes and their information about them are “afficher” or listed.  And whoop dee doo, the room had been changed.  At this point the class was already 1/2 over so I didn’t bother going in late…

Next was a Literature “TD” that was two painful hours long and required me to take 4 words that the professor wrote on the board and do something- I never figured out what- with them…it didn’t help that I didn’t even know what any of the words meant…

After that I had some emergency schedule shuffling and then went home to send like 80 emails and then took a mini 15 minute nap before meeting up with my French friend Hélène for a coffee.

This is when things started turning around for me :D

Hélène and I had been meaning to get together for ages to practice our respective languages of study, and we finally made plans to meet this afternoon and had a really great chat in French.  Next week we’re going to speak in English so she can work on her conversation skillz as well. Today was the first time I’ve seen her in quite a while and it completely made my day when she said that my French had improved a lot since the last time we had spoken :)

It was really refreshing to finally sit down and speak French for a few hours.  I’m sort of ashamed to say that I hadn’t done that before today, but it has felt hard to make connections with French people. Anyway, today was a big step in the right direction.

Oh yeah & Happy Mardi Gras everyone!!! Hopefully 2011 will be the year that I celebrate it properly- beads, feathers and all- although tonight was fun. I had pancakes at Maire’s [yummy!] and then a bunch of us went to O’Connell’s pub to watch a football match (i.e. soccer), which is always an interesting experience for any American.

I’ve got class at 9:15 in the morning so off to bed I go!

xxo bisous

Things are Good.

29 Jan

You know that feeling when you’re just rockin?!  That’s how I’ve been feeling this week :) everything feels like its going well, and as cheesy as it sounds, i feel like singing that song from the Jefferson’s “Moving on Up” because that’s how everything feels right now.  I don’t realllllllly know how to explain it, and so since i’m at a loss for words, i’ll just tell you about all the nice things that have caused this glorious feeling.

#1. Monday was a nice Monday.

#2. I’ve figured out my schedule for this semester.  As a foreign student in France, this is a grueling process, so I am feeling overjoyed that  I’ve sorted it all out.  I’m taking History of Modern Art, History of Contemporary Art, History of Cinema 2, Translation (English-French and French-English), General and Comparative Literature: Intro to Foreign Literature, French Literature and American Literature. I think the reason it’s so refreshing is because now I know the shape of my days- I have a little bit of structure to work around now.

#3. I’ve been journaling a lot more lately…it might sound silly, but writing my thoughts down, even if at times it seems a little redundant, its really liberating.

#4. I have been incredibly productive. I posted a few days ago about how I had let my room become ridiculously messy- unorganized and filthy.  Well yesterday I fixed that problem. Actually, the whole day was productive. I had four hours of class that started at 8:15, squeezed in time for a coffee with Barbara, and then I went back to my room and did the most epic clean with Lady Gaga blaring (I think I went through the Fame Monster twice. I actually don’t know how I ever cleaned my room without her music to get me through it lol) and then went downtown and made a manicure appointment for today, which I followed with 3hr skype session at McDonalds (via le WiFi Gratuit) with my mom, my sister, and Emily. I went to Maire’s for a little while afterwards and then when I got home, around midnight, I rearranged the furniture in my room. ha! It was a good day.

#5. I’ve been branching out a little bit more. I’ve been forcing myself to go to the uncomfortable place that you have to go to in order to improve. In the French university education system, foreign students go through a “shopping period” each semester to choose their classes.  Because of this, by the time we get our schedules all figured out, generally the first class we attend is the second or third that the professor has conducted. It’s easy since its the beginning of the semester to just sort of ignore the things you’ve missed, but this semester I made a specific point to speak to each of my professors to introduce myself, figure out what I’ve missed, the books I’ll need, etc. Last semester my professors were all very intimidating, unfriendly figures, but this semester is the opposite!  Every professor was really kind and interested in where I am from and forthcoming with information. Yay, second semester professors!! :) And on top of that, I’ve chosen better, more interesting, classes.

#6. I’ve been feeling inspired. And happy. And in charge of my destiny and myself.

#7. Everything feels fresh.

#8. I washed all of my dirty dishes and I’ve purchased a few things lately that make my life easier.  A tray for example.  As mundane as it sounds, since I don’t have any sort of table to eat my food at (Damn you, CROUS housing!) my Provençal themed tray, which has an image of a Rooster and a sign displaying “fresh eggs,” is making my life happier.  As is my ikea bamboo, which is currently ill- not my fault- but I hope it will make a full recovery so it can do its job and help encourage a healthy and positive ambience to my room.

#9. The other day Barbara, Maire and I explored Leclerc.  This store happens to be the best hypermarché I have been to in my entire time in France. I love it. I love it so much that I will probably start going there to do the majority of my grocery shopping. That is how good it is.

#10. I made a delicious dinner…an interpretation of Bolognese, you could say.

#11. As I was cleaning my room, I found the almost empty tube of Chanel lotion that my mom left with me when she was in France.  It smells just like her <3


Hope & Joy

22 Jan

No, this is not a post about Eric Foley’s future children.

This is about the middle-aged (+) women that work in the café at the Ereve.  Joy is the most bitter, mean, and downright scary woman that has ever served coffee and Hope is her colleague and partner in crime.  We gave them these nicknames out of sheer irony; I can’t count the number of times I have been scolded by her because I didn’t have exact change, or didn’t grab a tray for my coffee, or stayed at a table too long.  Anyway, she has become someone to fear.

The other day, I went to the counter to order a coffee and was incorporated into their conversation, as though we were friends!!! I can’t tell you how strange it was.  It went something like this (all in French obviously):

HOPE:  Oh no!  It looks like your necklace is bleeding onto your sweatshirt!

JOY: What? (French guttural noise) I can’t believe it!

HOPE (to me): What do you think?

ME (bewildered): Oh no, yes I think the red cord is bleeding onto your sweatshirt.

HOPE: Was it expensive?

JOY (while taking off the necklace): It was six euros poorly spent.

HOPE (nodding towards me): Thats too bad

ME: Yes, its really too bad.

JOY: Well I’ll just put it in my pocket.

HOPE: But it might dye your pocket red.

JOY: Well, it doesn’t matter if the inside of my pocket is red, does it?! No one will see it!

(everyone laughs)

Since this encounter, she has smiled at me (TWICE!) and wished me two “bonne après-midi (have a nice afternoon!)” and one “bon week-end (have a nice weekend!).”

Things have really changed for the better between Joy and I.  This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship… lol

By the way, I’ve been meaning to show you all a picture of the “to-go cups” here. This is exactly what they look like, no joke! Aren’t they presh?! :D


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