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Bienvenue Chez Moi.

3 Sep

I just realized that I’ve lived in my new place since June 1st and I have yet to mention it on here!

I found a place on craigslist that needed two subletters for the summer and so Seals and I moved into this amazing 6 bedroom house in Cheeseman Park with 4 strangers. And somehow, it became the perfect roommate situation! And it’s walking distance to my favorite restaurant, Jelly. nom nom nom.

It’s more than a hundred years old and has wood floors and high ceilings. Love. My room has a corner window seat, a fireplace and a mini walk-in closet. The kitchen has been remodeled and the walls are painted bright fun colors. Basically it’s heaven.

I’ve been nesting so much since I signed my new lease. I’m trying to find fun DIY decorations to jazz up my mantle and I’ve been all over Instructables lately. If you have any thoughts send them my way.

come visit me.


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