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Gee. Thanks, Starbucks.

12 Jul

I just used a Starbucks bathroom and it reminded me of something I love about the US but had forgotten in my time away: hands free toilets. The ones with the automatic flush so you don’t have to touch the lever with your hand or even the bottom of your shoe. Yay for cleanliness! haha

Another thing I’m happy about is something that has changed while I was gone: free wi-fi at Starbucks. No longer do you have to pay out your ass for AT&T wi-fi. Free wi-fi for all!

On a sidenote- I just remembered a couple things that I’ve been meaning to mention for ages just because I think they’re sort of funny. #1. The majority of toilet paper in France is pink, and #2. “Wi-Fi” in France is phonetically pronounced “We-Fee.” How cute.


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