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cheers to the freakin weekend.

18 Jan

Happy MLK Jr. day! It is one of the few holidays that DU recognizes and so I was lucky enough to get a long weekend- no classes today, woo!  This weekend was pretty low-key, but pleasant and even a little productive.  Ally had some friends visiting which was fun, and other than that I just tried to get ahead with classes, papers and midterms (I’m worrying about midterms already and it’s only January 17th hahaha. wow).

So today ended up being more of a workday than a holiday, but oh welllll :) Em and I went to St. Mark’s cafe off of Colfax (Race & 17th) and worked on our respective essays.  There is always enough time for a couple photos, though ;)

Evil Eye


ALSO, i don’t think anyone (except maybe Ally) has any idea how much i’m in love with Rihanna’s song “Cheers (Drink to That)”.  I seriously dig it. If you haven’t heard it yet, you must check it out.  There isn’t a video for it yet, so here’s the best I could find on youtube:



A letter to John Mayer

6 Oct


Dear John Mayer,

Please deflate your ego and take a vow of chastity for the sake of your music.


she’s gonna pop ur glock

21 Sep


ok I’ve gotta run to class in a minute, but thought I’d try to get a post in about this first.

Her name is Uffie and she was recommended to me by my friend Deepa agesss ago & I finally listened to her.  I’d describe her as a mixture of Lady Gaga, Lady Sovereign and something a little badass that I can’t quite place.  Listen to Pop the Glock to get an idea of what I’m talking about.  She’s gonna be hot.  With lyrics like this, you’ve gotta love her:  Rockin’ high tops and sayin’ no to stilettos/ ‘Cause I might get drunk off my ass and I don’t wanna fall.

p.s. she’s an ex-pat living in Paris


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