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“These days I sit on corner stones/ and count the time in quarter tones to ten”

6 May

It’s really starting to feel like the end and I hate it for that.

Doing laundry without talking to Rob through his window…

Going out without Fiona…

All the goodbye parties…

Starting to pack…

Trying to figure out what stuff to chuck…

I’m unable to stop listening to sad music. It’s all just really depressing. I can’t even imagine how I’ll feel when I get home if I already feel this way :(

we’re so fairytale..

3 Feb

so i’ve just decided to go to Paris tomorrow.

and when i say “just decided” I mean like literally 5 minutes ago I decided. to be honest, i have no idea why im going- other than i feel like getting out of Rennes and Dylan is celebrating his birthday in Paris! haha i should really stay in Rennes and move from my current dorm into the new dorm building across the hall this weekend, but since I have from the 4th to the 10th to make the transition I’m going to use all of it and party it up in Paris in the meantime.

However. this last minute trip means one thing, and one thing only for tonight:

to-do list.

dun. dun. dun….

1. pick up my shit.

2. pack for paris.

3. pack room slightly (i.e. start to pack up my shiz for the big move).

4. write some letters (two down so far!).

5. deal with all my email/ DU credit approvals etc.

6. eat dinner.

7. wash dishes.

8. make sweet love to paolo nutini. <3

And there you have it.

that is my plan for ce soir. i lead a riveting life, i know. teehee.

xxo bisous

Paris in the Winter

10 Jan

Whoever said that they love Paris in the Winter was lying.

To be honest, it’s sort of a miserable place to be in the winter (…although on second thought it would still be better than Iowa or Minnesota if only the French knew how to heat places properly- but thats another story).  Anyway that’s where I’m heading off to in an hour or so (depends on how quickly I pack!) to visit my friend Emily, even if it is shitty weather :D  She just arrived a few days ago and is living in temporary housing until she finds an apartment.  I can’t wait to see her- we have so so so much to catch up on with each other.  She studied abroad in Jordan last semester and we had bad internet connections for Skype so there is lots to talk about.  Anyway, I should get off here so that I don’t miss my train!

Hope everyone had a good weekend

xxo BIZ

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