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20 Dec

HEY <3

Thanks for sticking it out the last few months without regular posts.  The last post I wrote before my unintentional, quarter-long hiatus should actually never have been written- it is so boring. So, I’m sorry for that! In all honesty, it was my feeble attempt to keep blogging even though I could feel life getting too complicated for me to handle.  Anyway here’s a quick run down of what’s happened the past several months:

OMG I DONT WANT TO RELIVE IT! it was so exhausting.

On another note, I get the Photojojo newsletter- which you should all subscribe to because it is the freakin coolest- and it informed me about PummelVision.  Here is my internet life in photos (check it out, you might see yourself!), enjoy:



Vous me manquez.

14 Jun

I’ve missed you blogosphere! I can’t believe today marks the end of my second week back in the US.

Since I last posted I have missed France unbearably, uncovered mildy incriminating photographs (that’s you Trixie! teehee!), put a shitload of my mom’s overflow of possessions on craigslist, emptied a FULL storage unit in sweltering (humid) heat, visited my cousin’s family in the hospital after his wife gave birth, celebrated my 21st birthday belatedly with my family, cheered on my team in the world cup (go USA!), procured a summer job working at only the coolest kid’s store, and yet despite all the stuff that has happened I still feel like I just got off the plane.

I miss you France. I miss you Bretagne. I miss you Rennes. I miss you Erasmus.

My heart is full of love when I think back on the past year. I wish that none of us had to leave, but the leaving is what makes us realize how special the past year has been. And if we’re lucky, we’ll meet again. Je vous aime.


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