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What if…?

28 Jul


Yesterday was the first day of my summer school classes.  Or really, “class,” since there is only one.  It is for a required credit and is called “From Literature to Film.”  It is being taught by a Nigerian professor with a fabulous accent named Maik Nwosu.

I’m looking forward to this class to be honest.  I took a Film Criticism class for my Communications minor and absolutely adored it and so far the class I’m taking now is proving to be similar.  There are a few annoyances, such as other students that like to hear their voices or are straight up Dumbbbb with a capital D, but that is to be expected I suppose.

Anyway, the professor is having us write a screenplay for one of our final projects and I’m starting to get excited about it!  It almost feels like a workshop class in screenwriting- something I would love to do but probably will never have the chance.  I want to take advantage of this opportunity.

…back to the point of this post.  Maik proposed that every screenplay or story is born out of a “What if…” thought or moment.  He encouraged the class to think of as many as possible to help with brainstorming for our screenplay.

I’m passing the assignment on to you all.

I’m just curious to see what you come up with!  No worries though, the assignment is due tomorrow- I will not be plagiarizing your thoughts ;)  When I figure out my own “What if…” I’ll share it here.

Hey, I might even put my final screenplay on here! With a © of course ;)

happy what ifs! xxo

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