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23 Jul

A-C's Europe Trip 134

It feels strange starting this thing without doing some explaining first.  Thus, i’ve decided to share some details about myself.  Granted, many of these will probably end up over in the “About Me” section once I get that up and running, but what the heck, here we go:

I am known by many names, however on this blog I’ll be going by annhyphencharlotte.  I am a student at the University of Denver and I will be studying abroad during the 2009-2010 school year (and maybe a bit more if I can finagle it) at the Universite Rennes II (Haute-Bretagne).  Rennes is located in northwestern France and I understand that it is about a 2 hour train ride from Paris.  It is the capital of the Bretagne region.  I am studying in France through a complete immersion program called ISEP (International Student Exchange Program).  This means that I will be taking my classes with French students and living with them in the dorms too.  I suppose there will be some Americans around, but none that I know.  It seems a bit scary but I’m so excited– I just can’t wait!

What else?


I loveeee: buying flowers, the smell of books and coffee beans,getting packages, writing (espec. in my new blog! yay!), being artsy, trying to play the guitar, dressing smart, being smart, DJing on my radio show, building up my reputation as a movie buff, photography (yours and mine), art history, le francais, my family, my delta babies, trivia, the Rolling Stones, laughing, getting mix cds, cloud watching, stargazing, and laying in the grass, glass milk bottles, obscenities, heart-shaped rocks, going to concerts and the theater, street art, and accents as well as a bunch of other things that are rapidly becoming cliche…

I hateeee: the word “khakis,” toilet bowl brushes, living without a dishwasher, going to sleep cold and then waking up hot, doing laundry, computer crashes, picking stuff up off the floor, cold feet, spiders, doing other people’s dishes, and folding clothes (notice a pattern?).


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