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The Elusive Shuffler

29 May

I live near a shuffler. No, not an avid card player and no not a dancer. Unfortunately, it is the worst kind of shuffling. Whoever it is doesn’t pick up their feet when they walk. A few times I have run to my peephole to try to catch the culprit so that my irritation can be focused on a specific neighbor, but the shuffler is elusive. In the four months I have lived in this building, I have yet to identify him. rawr.


a little update- more later!

22 May

So the past month has been a disasterrrr. That stupid effing volcano in Iceland! So, needless to say I didn’t make it to Budapest or Ireland. I did go to Caen with Alyse and Libby and we had a great week together :) More later details later though, I promise, and a London update too!! I’m trying to catch the last half of the market!



9 May

This is an official apology for not posting about my epic trip to London yet.  I’m starting another adventure before closing up the first one and I’m sorry for that!!

I’m in Paris tonight and tomorrow I leave for Budapest (!!!) and then from there I’ll go to Dublin and other various places in Ireland before flying back to Rennes <3 So once again this is a post about how I wont be able to post for awhile.

Forgive me! I’ll update you soon.


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