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Polaroid = Lurve

29 Mar

So the new Polaroid cameras are supposed to come out in 2010 according to a shit ton of articles that hit the internet in early January, but does anyone know when?  I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them! *cough*birthday present*cough* Actually, I think we still might have one in a box somewhere from my childhood… perhaps I can reclaim it.  Thank god for the Impossible Project! The new film being made will work in the old cameras too <3

What do you think of the revival of Polaroid?

Cloudy Days

29 Mar

I always thought that as time passed sad feelings would fade. At least that’s what everyone says to you when someone close to you dies.  And it is true to an extent… I can go months without crying now. But I don’t know if the hovering cloud, a reminder that you aren’t whole, ever goes away.  It’s been 4 & 1/2 years and 3 days and that cloud is still there.  Some days it’s thinner than others but every once in awhile it comes out in full force and covers the sun. No matter how good things are, how smoothly life is going, the cloud will continue to come out as long as you can’t share the good things with the one person who is missing.

One of my friends’ had someone close to them die recently so maybe that’s pulling me back, or it might just be hormones. Either way, this post isn’t supposed to be a depressing one, nor a call for help.  It’s just a reflection on loving and losing who is most important to you.


Happy Paddy’s Day!

17 Mar

#1. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, yayy! But I don’t have any green…

#2. I’m sorry if I haven’t texted you back…I have 3 unread text messages (since February!) that my phone won’t let me read.

#3. I’ve run out of bowls and now I’m resorting to eating my cereal out of tupperware containers of all shapes and sizes.

#4. I gave myself a cold :( I thought anti-histamines would help my ears pop (from flying with the sniffles a few weeks ago). They didn’t. Now I have a pile of used kleenex by my bed. Awesome.

#5. As embarrassing as it is to admit this, I’m genuinely upset about Freddy (on Skins) getting killed. Wtf?!

#6. Live in Austin 2010 is free for download at Urban Outfitters.

#7. I can’t stop watching RiRi’s Rude Boy video…it’s so good!! M.I.A.-esque, but me likey :D

#8. I went to an adorable concert last night. Some friends of friends performed covers and  we all sang along. Don’t Stop Believin’ and Hey Jude, included.

#9. I’m thinking about getting these glasses…what do you think?

Lurve to you, my internet readership <3


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