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a letter to myself

4 Apr

Dear six pound seven ounces baby me,

Don’t cry.  Don’t fret. It will get better. Your life is more perfect than you know right now. Unfurl your brow. Shut your little baby mouth. Put down those fighting fists. The trauma is over. Let out the yawn.  Enjoy being held in her arms, it’s snuggle time. You are safe.


You + 22

the joys of transitioning.

3 Sep

oh, transitioning.  I can’t believe it’s September already because it never really felt like August. Somehow the summer flew by so surreally. Not only does this mean that my european adventures are definitely over, but it also means back to reality.  My mom and I drove from the heartland out to the mountains on Sunday and she helped me move into my apartment all week. We did try to make some time for a few fun things in between the Target trips. We made time for a trip to Chill-in and we ate at the always delicious Park Burger one night. Our second night here we finally saw Inception (which totally blew my mind btw & confirmed that I think that JGL is fiiiiiiine). That same night we closed Pete’s University Cafe with breakfast for dinner (my fave) and the next night we took my roommate out to dinner at Sushi Den. My mom and I visited my uncle and his family in Wyoming last night and my mom bummed a ride off of another one of my uncles to get back to Iowa.  And so now I’m back in my new apartment, which is unpacked but still pretty unorganized, all alone.  How things have changed! Just a year ago I was meeting new people and making friends in Rennes and today I am starting a new adventure, so far away from all of them (If any of you are reading, I love and miss each and every one of you).

Tangent: once my place is perfect and everything has been put away or hung, I’ll put pictures up of my new place so you can imagine me in my new digs.


#1. I don’t know where my Pioneer Card is, so if anyone finds it accidentally wedged in between their couch cushions, please let me know.

#2. Sisterhood week (when we prepare for recruitment) starts Monday so I need to be completely done with getting settled in by then.

#3. Classes start the 13th & the little nerd inside of me is hella excited but also petrified.

#4. I have to email like a bajillion people.

#5. I’m trying (key word: “trying”) to put together a video encompassing my last year so if you have any golden nuggets in video or .jpeg format, send them my way. If it ends up being decent, I may post it on youtube to imbed on my blog!

#6. oh yeah. and I need to get groceries.

bisous xxo

my summer so far.

10 Aug

(The title of this post is a rip-off from the movie My Life So Far [1999], which is excellent and if you haven’t seen it, you should.)

Whenever I’m with my family, i.e. living at home, I feel like we are so busy doing the most mundane things to keep life afloat that there is never a moment of relaxation or enough of a respite for me to crack out my blogging fingers. So forgive me for not posting more but I feel like my life has been rather boring yet intense since July 16th. However, now that that has been said, there have been a few exceptions to the monotony.

The biggest adventure that I’ve gone on since I last posted, was a trip to NYC. Sidenote: as a musical enthusiast and a lover of RENT, every time I hear the words “New York City” I feel compelled to follow them with, “center of the universe.” Needless to say, I think this got old pretty fast for those around me.  Anyway, my mom treated me with a trip to the Empire city as a belated 21st birthday present.  We went for a long weekend and had an amazing time.  We had already done most of the “touristy” sightseeing in Manhattan when we went as a family over Thanksgiving in 2001 (that isn’t a typo) so on this trip we just did fun stuff that we wanted to do!  We stayed at a very nice hotel on the Upper East Side that was complete with murals by Bemelmans and elevator operators!

We saw two musicals on Broadway- Promises, Promises (starring Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth) and  A Little Night Music (starring Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch)- both of which were EXCELLENT (although Elaine Stritch did flub her lines a few times, but I’ll forgive her considering she’s 84). We explored a lot of great restaurants and also spent a good deal of time at The Met and The Frick Gallery, which is a MUST if you enjoy art, and we even had time to visit a friend in Brooklyn. We were so busy the whole time that we didn’t do any shopping (except in the museum gift shops). But of course no matter how long you’re there, it is never long enough.  I could really see myself living there though. It’s so full of energy and you can feel the excitement around you <3

Sadly, all good things come to an end.

When we came home it was back to reality and back to work.  I’ve been hoping that I can be transferred from the shop in Des Moines to the shop in Denver when I return to school and so I’ve been working really extra hard lately. I’ve sold three credit cards in a week, which is more than I had done all summer so hopefully that says something.

On a health note, it seems like the little things are never going right for me.  Remember my tonsil infection and severely sprained ankle? Right. Well add eye infection and fluid in ears to that list. Yep. I went to my doctor for a physical and came out with some hardcore anti-biotics to fight fluid in my ears that’s been hanging out there since a trip to España in février. Sweet.

My chiropractor wasn’t happy to hear that I was on anti-biotics. He’s worried about my flora. So I’m trying to eat extra yogurt and pro-biotics to make up for it.  Anyway, thanks to this fluid, I’m now getting cracked twice a week again. Ugh! That’s faux irritation though haha because to be honest I love going to the chiropractor. I just feel so fresh and aligned after I see him!

Did I mention that I just switched to Daily contacts? I’m super psyched about them too. No more cases, solution, or eye infections (hopefully!). I also had lenses put into the frames I purchased in Rennes. And I am in love with them.  Enough of these tangents though.

I can’t think of anything else important off the top of my head (although I’m sure there are tons of things I’ve meant to share but have already forgot about) so forgive me because this post is the abridged and rambling version of what my summer has actually been like.  Luckily there are still several weeks left before schools starts for me to make it up to you.
Have you ever been to nyc? If yes, did you love it or hate it? What was your experience? If no, what have you been up to this summer? Have you done anything fun to shake things up lately? I want to hear about it.
gros bisous.
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