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I’ve Been Told to Wear Green

24 Sep

because it is, apparently Guinness’s birthday (or just an excellent marketing scheme).


Either way, as the friend of about 8 to 10 Irish folk, I will be dressing festively.  And seriously, who are we kidding?  I love a reason to dress up (whether it be for church or for Halloween)!  It does appear however that I will need to go shopping for some party wear.  Luckily Maire (& Fiona, I think) and I are taking the bus to the “hypermarché” (pronounced “eep-air-marsh-aye”) today!  It’s called Géant (Giant) and I’ve heard it is similar to Target.  I can’t even wait.  So psyched.


Oh, & I promise to take pictures of tonight too.


il pleut

2 Sep

this is what it looks like outside my window:


actually that’s a lie.  But it is green and rainy, promise.

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