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Male Parachute Pant…The Marapant

21 Nov

Does anyone remember when I posted about wanting a pair of parachute pants a few months ago?  Well, die hard fans of this trend are no longer limited to within the borders of France…or to females for that matter! According to Perez, H&M is including parachute pants and skirts (à la Marc Jacobs) in their Spring 2010 menswear line. crazay. Even though the male parachute pant is going mainstream, I just can’t imagine this trend catching on in the states…although strangely enough, I can imagine Brad Pitt rocking them with aviators and a beard. Ha.


Lady GaGa does DC

12 Oct

Ok, I am kinda stealing Perez’s thunder with this one, but it was too good to not repost.  Here is a video of Lady GaGa’s performance Saturday night in DC, the night before the National Equality March took place.  She plays Imagine by John Lennon. I found it really moving.  Enjoy:


A Peek Into My Head

6 Oct

Things I’m seriously digging:


ChouChous Caramélisés

Roald Dahl

Re-using a Danone yogurt jar as a glass

Ed Westwick

Song Away by Hockey:

Red Lipstick

Reorganizing & decorating (finally) my room

Andromeda by Tamara de Lempicka:


madmenyourself (Thanks to Jaimie G)

Writing with light

perezhiltoncocoperez (gotta get my gossip in)

Septum rings

Lions. rawrr.

textsfromlastnight (Obsessed. In an unhealthy way. Oh, America’s wasted youth.)

Rhodia notebooks with the spiral part across the top

Paris Fashion Week

Secret Door by the Arctic Monkeys:


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