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9 May

This is an official apology for not posting about my epic trip to London yet.  I’m starting another adventure before closing up the first one and I’m sorry for that!!

I’m in Paris tonight and tomorrow I leave for Budapest (!!!) and then from there I’ll go to Dublin and other various places in Ireland before flying back to Rennes <3 So once again this is a post about how I wont be able to post for awhile.

Forgive me! I’ll update you soon.



5 Mar

Last week was my midterm break and I went to Spain with Alyse  :)

It was the first time I had left the country since I got here.  I can hardly believe that I had been in France for 7 months solid!  We went to Sevilla (to visit Jessie), and then to Barcelona (where we spent the majority of our time trying to sort out our cancelled flight due to French aviation strikes), and then back to Paris, which is where we parted. For a day. Alyse went back to Caen and I spent the day with Emily in Paris before taking the train to Caen.  I stayed there two nights before finally returning home :)

It was an excellenttttt trip. I don’t think words can do it justice…hopefully these pictures will convey the experience a little bit better :)

p.s. I titled this post wanderLUST because I freakin have it. This trip really showed me how much I love to travel…It’s stopped being a desire and more of a need. I don’t know if I will can ever go back to “normal life” after living here.

we’re so fairytale..

3 Feb

so i’ve just decided to go to Paris tomorrow.

and when i say “just decided” I mean like literally 5 minutes ago I decided. to be honest, i have no idea why im going- other than i feel like getting out of Rennes and Dylan is celebrating his birthday in Paris! haha i should really stay in Rennes and move from my current dorm into the new dorm building across the hall this weekend, but since I have from the 4th to the 10th to make the transition I’m going to use all of it and party it up in Paris in the meantime.

However. this last minute trip means one thing, and one thing only for tonight:

to-do list.

dun. dun. dun….

1. pick up my shit.

2. pack for paris.

3. pack room slightly (i.e. start to pack up my shiz for the big move).

4. write some letters (two down so far!).

5. deal with all my email/ DU credit approvals etc.

6. eat dinner.

7. wash dishes.

8. make sweet love to paolo nutini. <3

And there you have it.

that is my plan for ce soir. i lead a riveting life, i know. teehee.

xxo bisous

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