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mondayyyys. meh.

10 Aug

The most dreaded day of the week is upon us.  Especially when your weekend has been as colorful like mine, Mondays are particularly painful.

My roommate and I had an end of summer party, a little shindig if you will, on Saturday and this is the best photo:


I think it says a lot about that night.  Actually there were very few photos taken, but I think you get the idea.  We converted a closet door and 4 plastic storage boxes into a pretty badass flip-cup table and had a great turnout.  Not so much from my DAM friends, but that’s ok, Ilana and some Tri-Delt friends showed up which was a nice addition to Emily’s friends from work.  I was feeling a bit cheeky and invited our neighbors across the way as well (yes, that includes the neighbor who saved me from the squirrel).  Overall, I’d say it was a success.

Also, I sold my couches (finally, YAY!) and so our living room is very bare.  Here is a secret photo I took out my kitchen window of the guy who bought them:



It did make movie night with our neighbors Collin & Frank (who really isn’t a neighbor because he is crashing on Collin’s couch but that’s just semantics) rather interesting though.  Why we didn’t go to their apartment, I have no idea, but we ended up watching the King of California on our floor in sleeping bags.

Oh. And I saw that damn mouse again. 1, 2, and now 3 times it has visited me.  What makes it even worse is that no one else ever sees it. I swear I am NOT hallucinating.  I still need to tell my landlord about it. meh. mondays.

“A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!”

6 Aug

According to Sarah Jessica Parker.

And I think she is right.  Side note, I think I’m being stalked by small animals rodents.

A few days ago it was a mouse and today it was a squirrel.


Have I messed with mother nature somehow, like Matthew McConaughey in Failure to Launch?!  I never actually saw that movie but I heard the animals turned on him for not growing up or something.

Here is what happened in my version of Failure to Launch:

I came home from work and there he was, the little stinker, sitting on the stairs outside my apartment, preventing me from ascending them.  He was just staring at me.  It felt like he was taunting me by refusing to leave.

I was like “Come, here little squirrel. Come on down. Come here.”  but I didn’t want to get too close in case it was a crazy squirrel that wanted to bite me.  And then I went around the corner to get a little farther away from him, hoping he would leave, and instead of going away, he came down the steps a little bit and turned to make eye contact with me. No joke.

So instead of doing anything purposeful, I just stared, waiting for him to leave like a dumbass, holding my mail, my heels (in case it wanted to give chase and I had to run), my coffee mug and with a big purse over my shoulder.

And this is how I met my new neighbor.  Truly I couldn’t have planned a more stereotypical Cameron Diaz movie scene than this, and yet it happened in my reality (no offense Cameron- love you!).

My neighbor, who I discovered is named Collin (I think, if my memory serves me correctly), came out to walk the two dogs that he is pet-sitting and found me looking a fool.  We talked a bit and at least by the time he left, the little bugger also decided to exit.

I’m not sure if I hate or love this squirrel.  I’ll leave it up to the peanut gallery (no pun intended. Seriously, though, really no pun. Like, I’m not saying no “pun intended” to sound cute or clever, I really mean no pun was intended) you.

Enjoy your Thursday night, for those of you who are either unemployed or don’t have to work tomorrow.  I’m jealous of you.


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