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Words To Live By

23 Nov


well said.

Male Parachute Pant…The Marapant

21 Nov

Does anyone remember when I posted about wanting a pair of parachute pants a few months ago?  Well, die hard fans of this trend are no longer limited to within the borders of France…or to females for that matter! According to Perez, H&M is including parachute pants and skirts (à la Marc Jacobs) in their Spring 2010 menswear line. crazay. Even though the male parachute pant is going mainstream, I just can’t imagine this trend catching on in the states…although strangely enough, I can imagine Brad Pitt rocking them with aviators and a beard. Ha.


Today is a Sad Day

15 Nov



Reason #1.

The “S” key fell off my keyboard, leaving me to use a funny plastic nipple looking thing.





Reason #2.

I most certainly sprained my ankle (for the first time ever!) last night.  Its not blue so I’m thinking thats a good thing, but it is pretty puffy, which definitely isn’t a good thing.  I’m going to get it checked out tomorrow and in the mean time I’m trying to keep it elevated but I can’t ice it because I don’t have a freezer!!  What horrible luck.  It didn’t even happen in an interesting way- I just stepped wrong going down some steps and landed on my ankle instead of my foot.  Wish me luck.



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