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The White Night

2 Oct


film_heartsoooooo tomorrow is La Nuit Blanche in Paris and lucky me, I’m going!  Its when all the museums and monuments are open all night long.  Although the location changes annually, this year it is based in three different arrondissements of Paris and there are concerts and artsy things all over.  I’m hella psyched.  Although a little nervous that I wont get many photos.  I forgot a converter when I packed to come over and so I can’t charge my camera until I get one.  My mom is sending one but stuff takes so long to get across that freakin ocean lol.  So if I don’t get many photos that is the reason.  I’d love to take the 35mm but its heavy and I don’t fancy carrying it 30+ hours so I think I’ll stick to my teeny digital.

The six of us are leaving early tomorrow on the TGV and will arrive late morning.  It was only 1 extra Euro to travel there in 1st class, so we will be arriving in Paris in luxury, although, somewhat appropriately, we will be returning to Rennes Sunday afternoon, bedraggled, in 2nd class haha.  The reason for our future bedraggled state is that we do not plan to get a hostel.  We’ll be braving the next 30ish hours sans sleep.


A few in our group haven’t been to Paris before so we want to do some touristy stuff like go to the top of Eiffel Tower.  I think a trip to Galeries Lafayette has also been planned.  We have a GL in Rennes but apparently it’s nothing compared to the one in Paris. yesssssss. Oooh! and we’re also planning an excursion to Père Lachaise Cemetery, which is where a bunch of famous people, like Jim Morrison and hundreds, if not thousands, of great artists, poets, lovers, musicians and cultural icons have been buried.  In addition to these riveting plans, I’m also hoping to meet up with a few friends from Denver that are also in France.  Jackie is studying in Paris and Rachel is a teaching assistant in eastern France (I think)– it will be nice to see some familiar faces :)

The festivities start at 7pm and end at 7am Sunday.  I think there may even be a free breakfast! Mmm. Getting pumped. But i need to pack my bag now. yikes! wish me luckkkk.


I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…

30 Aug


Actually, that is a little bit misleading– I’ve already left on my jet plane!

I’m currently sitting in a lovely little “auberge de jeunesse” & exhausted to the nth degree.  It took me many hours and several legs of my journey to get here…I wont say “it was worth it!” yet since I’m still friendless in a foreign country, although I will say that I adore the architecture of the region and that I like how it feels like a real city.  I say that because there aren’t touristy vendors anywhere and I feel like very few tourists come here.  Loves it!

Anyway, I was dying to blog (I do realize how nerdy that sounds) pretty much the entire last 24 hours but couldn’t.  There wasn’t any wireless and too much to have to do and pay attention to.

I’m sure I’ve already forgotten a bunch of interesting stuff due to over-stimulation, but here are some highlights/interesting aspects of my journey that I do remember:

1.  I made a friend!  Her name is Michelle and she is studying in Lyon, FR.  We met at the gate and talked for probably an hour and a half (if not two!) before we boarded the plane.  After we found our bags, went through customs and all that, we stuck together to get to the TGV train station.  This proved rather difficult for the first time, so I was glad I had a partner, but actually it was fairly easy in retrospect.  Just confusing.  The French freakin love their acronyms.  Just sayin.  If you try to get from CDG Airport to the CDG TGV Station, you will see what I mean.  Anyway meeting Michelle was definitely a highlight.  We exchanged info and all that so we can stay in touch :)

2.  Thank God I had an aisle seat, because I was in row 35 out of 41 (I wanted to upgrade with my frequent flier miles but however DU paid for it, prevented this from happening), but it was probably the smallest airplane seat I’ve ever been in and that includes those mini regional planes that totally suck.  Ok, that was a little bit exaggerated, but literally, my knees were flush against the seat in front of me.  Equally sucky, was the fact that I was sitting next to an incredibly chatty older Chinese woman.  She actually was very pleasant, but she talked a lot- she even told me how she was menopausal, TMI- and when I told her I was going to sleep she, like, wouldn’t let me && the worst part was that her freakin pillow was IN my seat.  She was basically leaning on me for the entire flight.  These things seriously always happen to me.  Whyyyyyy?

3.  I have discovered that the French people I have been in contact with are almost entirely pleasant.  I think the reason they are misunderstood is because they either stick to themselves and do not acknowledge your presence or they are super helpful.  There was only one person I’ve encountered so far who

black&white_luggagewasn’t very nice, but he was far from mean.  And I’ve met many really friendly people.  I probably could have managed getting my luggage (two massive 50lb bags plus a big purse and backpack = awkward) into the train, but this man, a father of a nearby baby, started helping me.  I was completely appreciative.  Anyway, all I’m trying to say is that the French get a bad wrap.  Give them a chance.

4. I arrived at the hostel via taxi from the train station and after checking in, I went to my room, made my bed, took of my shoes and fell asleep.  I think I was out for three or four hours but it was blessed sleep.  I know that you aren’t supposed to nap when you travel internationally so your body will adjust to local time, but fuck that.  This was the equivalent of a sleep-emergency.  A sleemergency.

5.  My temporary hostel roommate (we’re in bunk beds, presh!) came in while I was sleeping and it was hella awkward because when I woke up we just didn’t talk.  Idk if she is French or European or where she is from but I hate functioning in a super mini space that I have to share with someone who doesn’t talk.  Hmm, maybe I’ll squeeze a word out of her yet.  I’ll keep you updated!

Update:  ok, I got her to talk!  She is from Scotland and is pretty nice.  I’ll let you know how this progresses lol

I’ve gotta go scrounge for some dinner, peace.

(sorry this post was so long!)


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