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Never Eat Andouillette. Ever.

25 Oct


In an attempt to be adventurous at an Alsacian restaurant last night, I ordered something with a large fancy “A” next to its name, meaning it was a house specialty.  What I ordered turned out to be called: Véritable Andouillette Pur Porc Fermier (tirée à la ficelle, sauce Riesling).  Do not order this. Ever.   I repeat, NEVER order this dish.

It was essentially a sausage made of pig intestines.  Although based on the appearance and smell, I was fairly certain of this when it was delivered, Google confirmed it for me:

Andouillette is a coarse-grained smoked tripe sausage made with pork, -(but some versions using calf)-, chitterlings …

Pork organs stuffed in intestines….sausage-like

I made one slice into it when I still thought it was just a bumpy sausage on a string, and my nostrils were assailed with the stench of sewage.  Maire elegantly phrased it that the sausage smelled like someone had shit in their pants.  Derek couldn’t get over the fact that the inside of the “andouillette” which was spilling out of its casing, looked like tapeworms.  I’m not going to lie, I actually thought for a moment (or a few) that I had ordered some sort of brain sausage, based on the curling shape of the “meat.”  Don’t worry though, not one bite made it into this mouth.  It was that foul.

Luckily it was served with a mountain of fries, so I didn’t go hungry, however, now I am traumatized.  I took a few photos to capture the memory, but they are on Barbara’s camera so I’ll have to upload them later.  For now I’ll just let you imagine my tasty meal.

Make better choices than me!


mmm, mmm, mmm. Park Burger Yumminess.

12 Aug

Yay!  My mom and sister arrived in Denver around 7 p.m. this evening and it was so nice to see them! They brought our precious poodle with too which was so nice because I’ve missed her so much.  The purpose of them driving out is to help me pack up and move back home before I leave for France in a few weeks.  There is so much to do it is scary!

For dinner, I took them to a little restaurant in the South Pearl St area (it is way past most of the cute shops & restaurants and is located closer to Evans) called Park Burger.  I’ve noticed it before and thought it looked really cute but this is the first time I’ve ever been, and let me tell you, it was delish!  Everything comes out of the kitchen in these functional wire baskets and there is a nice patio area too.

Also, HUGE PLUS, they are very dog friendly.  There were three or four dogs sitting on the other side of the fence of their owners tables.  I had the Park Burger Royal (carmelized onions, blue cheese, and bacon) on a wheat bun and I would highly recommend it if you like blue cheese.  They also have fun specialty burgers like the “Croque Burger” which is kind of like the lovechild between a Croque Madame and a Hamburger:


Big M & little m just dropped me off at my apartment and I’m now getting ready to write/finish my last paper for the summer class I’m taking.  My professor is accepting papers until Friday at 5pm but I just want to get it over with so I can start packing already because we are leaving Saturday morning. Yikes!

sidenote: I NEED TO GET RID OF MY BED. IF YOU CAN MOVE IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!! ITS ONLY A YEAR OLD & STILL HAS ITS WARRANTY TOO! please let me know if you are interested. It must go.

Happy Wednesday! Friday will be here soonnnnn!


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