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Favorite Scene from a Movie.

1 Aug


A Chick Named Hermia is having a contest (which you all should check out) to win a gorgey military jacket- all you have to do is share your favorite scene from a movie.  I obviously couldn’t choose just one so here are the top three that made my list:

Almost Famous (the bus scene had already been posted so I chose a different one that is equally beautiful): The scene when William Miller puts Penny Lane on the plane and she looks out the window as the plane is beginning to taxi and they make eye contact and she sees him running from window to window until he gets to the end of the terminal. I love it. Its just so poignant. Here is the clip on youtube.

Girl, Interrupted- There are so many great scenes in this movie but I chose the scene where they sit outside Polly’s room and sing to her and Susanna flirts with the male nurse.  It is so tender and all you want is for everything to go smoothly in their lives, even though that is next to impossible.  Here is the clip on youtube.

The last scene I chose was just for laughs…

Office Space: The scene where the guys steal the copy/fax machine and beat it up in a field.  The best part is when they have to pull Michael Bolton off of it. Hilarious.  Here is the clip on youtube (sorry I couldn’t find better quality!).

So, what is your favorite movie scene?

Awesome Blog Of The Week

30 Jul


As you all know by now, I started this blog to keep my friends and family up to date on my life when I’m in France.  However, it wouldn’t be up and running without the help of a super cool chick named Hermia.  I stumbled across her lovely little blog and naive as I was in regards to wordpress, I sent her an email for some advice (because it was obvious that she knew what she was doing).

I can easily say that her wonderfully supportive and helpful email is what propelled me into blogging.  Not that I’m any blogging genious now, but I want to give credit where credit is due.  So this is my little shout-out to a super fabulous chick named Hermia, but who I think of as a sweet little elf.

sweet dreams blogosphere.


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