I used to live in Rennes, France.  Out of sheer nostalgia, I have left my old contact information and metro map below.  Now I live in Denver’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. Bisoux


If you feel the need to contact me, my blogging email address is  If you read my blog and want to make a comment, you’ll have to make an account first (sorry!).  And if any family or friends would like to send me a letter (or even visit me!) it would make me so happy!! My address is:  

Mademoiselle Ann-Charlotte Wade

Résidence Universitaire

Ch. 353 Ouessant

2 rue d’Alsace

35010 Rennes, France




Disclaimer:  Although I have posted a lot of my own photography on this blog, some of the images that I used in the early days of this blog were found on the internet from a variety of sites although mostly from We Heart It.  If I have posted something of yours that you do not want me to use, please email me and I will be more than happy to remove it or add attribution.

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